Olive Smart Ear

Are you experiencing hearing loss?
Don't miss a thing.

Customize sound settings via
simple 5-minute set-up

Wireless Bluetooth connectivity via free downloadable Smart Phone App

Better Conversation, Better TV Listening

Capture high-frequency sounds, avoid turning up volume on TV,
improve quality of life among family, friends and work colleagues.

Olive Smart Ear is the Next-gen
Conversation-enhancing Earbud

Engage conversations better, Improve listening.
It is different from hearing aids. It is much smarter.

Hearing re-engineered
for superior sound clarity

With Wide Dynamic Range Compression(WDRC), the Olive algorithm’s Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) is less than 1.2% in each measured channel, to provide clear spectrally balanced sound.

Hearing re-engineered for superior sound clarity